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ClearWire Wireless Policy

Daytona State College has several ClearWire wireless access points ("Hot Spots") distributed in various locations throughout our campus sites. These access points are provided by ClearWire as a free service, therefore Daytona State College provides limited support. Daytona State College cannot be held responsible for the inability to connect to any of these ClearWire access points. The complete ClearWire acceptable use policy can be found at https://www.clearwire.com/company/legal/aup.htm.

To be able to access the ClearWire wireless access points, you will need to have a functional wireless card installed in your laptop or other portable computing device. To determine how to connect to a wireless access point on your particular device, please consult the respective user’s guide for that device. It is also recommended that you have up to date anti-virus software installed on your device prior to connecting to the internet.

Intended Uses
ClearWire wireless internet access is designed primarily for low bandwidth applications to be accessed while the user is unable to access a wired computer or connection. Applications that require high bandwidth, such as streaming video or online gaming are prohibited. ClearWire should not be used if the possibility of a dropped connection will cause undue hardship or data loss. It is highly stressed that students do not attempt to complete any online testing or coursework due to the possibility of a loss of connection.

The ClearWire wireless service is an unencrypted, non-secure connection. Essentially, this means that any data and information that is sent and received through the connection could possibly be intercepted and viewed by an individual with the proper skills and knowledge. In light of this, it is recommended that users refrain from doing any form of transaction that involves sensitive or personal information, such as online banking.

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