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Lookup a Student and add Advising Note

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First, go to the portal and login.
1)   Click on 'My Academics', then hover over 'Faculty Center', and select 'My Advisees'

from the drop down menu. 

go to my academics then my advisees

2) You will then see your assigned advisees listed if you have any. In this case this faculty member has none.
However, you can lookup a student's information if you wish to just help them out or see their info by
clicking the green 'View Data For Other Students' button as shown below. This is how you initiate
a lookup for a student in the system.

     2.1 View for those WITHOUT assigned advisees
view advisee list

     2.2 View for those WITH assigned advisees

view with advisees

3)  You can lookup a student by typing search criteria in the boxes as shown, however
the Student ID works well, or first name plus last name.  Click the magnifying glass
when you are ready to initiate the lookup. You will then see your student/students listed
and choose the one you want by clicking on their name.
search student

4)  You will then see your student's information show up.  This student is not enrolled in
any classes but they would show in the middle if she was. 

student information

5) Use the drop-down menu as shown below to choose more options or information to view
about the student. In this case we will choose 'Advising Notes' from the list to add some notes about this student.
Then click the tiny circle with the two arrows in it to select your option.
advising notes

6)  Once at the Advising Notes page you can see some of the advising history by other faculty (if there is any).
To add a new note click the green 'Create Note' button to open up the advising notes entry screen. 

add advising note

7)  You can now start to choose your options for the note from the drop down menus.  The 'category' should be
advising and you will select the sub category that best fits the topic that you talked about with the student.  Type the
main body of you note in the blank area shown in the middle of the editor.  You have options to add an attachment
or an action items by using the green buttons.   When you have finished then click 'Submit' to save the note.
Note: The 'Return' button does not work.

add advising notes

If you have any questions on this guide or are unsure on how to proceed then please contact the Advising Office for assistance.
Advising Office  (386) 506-3661 DB Bld 100 Rm 105

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