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RFQ #14-007R Future Student Center Site Selection & Building Exterior Concept

RFQ #14-007R (Request for Qualifications)

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, the "Consultants' Competitive Negotiations Act", Daytona State College hereby publicly announces it will consider qualified professional firms, registered and licensed to do work in the State of Florida, for a project requiring Architectural and Engineering services.


Daytona State College (DSC) was authorized by the 1957 Florida Legislature and became the state’s first comprehensive community college.  Today, the College has evolved from a small campus into an academically supervised multi-campus institution providing educational and cultural programs. DSC has fostered a tradition of excellence in academics and service to a growing community. The College now serves more than 37,000 students annually.

DSC provides quality, affordable job training, personal enrichment, and academic programs to educate and to empower individuals and promote economic development. As a comprehensive public college committed to open access, student learning and success, the College provides personalized attention to students, embraces diversity, and uses innovation to enhance teaching and learning.

DSC completes a Survey of Need every five (5) years and updates their Master Site Plan.  The current Survey that was completed in 2010 anticipated a remodeling of the existing Building 220 as the best location for the new Student Center.  Changes since 2010 have caused the College to focus on a more centralized site for the new Student Center.  The College generally believes a site between Buildings 100 & 500 on the Current Site Plan will meet this criteria.  A new Survey of Need will be completed during 2014-2015, along with an update to the Master Site Plan.  The College believes the location of this facility is the key to developing the new Master Site Plan. 

Included in this RFQ are the following background documents:



  • Site and Building Exterior Concept:  The site and building shall emphasize the design of the existing Daytona campus in its entirety rather than the individual buildings.  While each building is required to be designed as an appropriate response to its particular program, budget, and site requirements, it must also be compatible with the existing fabric of the campus.  The design of the new Student Center building must enrich the campus both functionally and aesthetically, relating to adjoining and surrounding buildings, not competing with them and be an iconic symbol for the campus.
    • Building Information
      • To house Student Support & Food Services
      • 4-story
      • 90,000 GSF
  • Landscaping:  Landscaping and exterior lighting shall be incorporated into the design not only for function and aesthetics but also for security and safety.
  • Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic:  Separate pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and separate service vehicle and automobile traffic will be maintained.  The first priority in circulation shall be ease of access for pedestrians.  Second priority is the provision for service vehicles necessary to maintain the new Student Center building. Finally, the plan should address ease of access from the parking area, including those requiring handicapped access.  Unimpaired access for emergency vehicles is considered essential in all site development plans.
  • Design for Future Campus Master Site Plan:  Within program and budget constraints, the site, utilities infrastructure, and the building will be designed to allow flexibility for future growth and change.
  • Budget:  $25,000

Related Forms


Following the Submittal Guidelines, interested firms should submit their proposal to:

Facilities Planning Dept Bldg 540 / Rm 112
Daytona State College 1200 W. International Speedway Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

There is no pre-proposal meeting planned. Any additional information that becomes available and responses to written questions received prior to the deadline of August 22, 2014 will be posted on this site. Questions should be submitted to

Submittals are due by 12:00 p.m., September 9, 2014.

Committee Review: September 10, 2014

Short List Notification: September 12, 2014

Oral Presentations/Interviews: September 24, 2014

Questions to RFQ

Q: With regards to litigation or disputes, is there a time frame, such as within 5 years, or do you want throughout the history of the firm?

A: Please go back 10 years.

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