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Financial Aid Options

There are various Financial Aid options available. It is important that you find the best version of finaincial aid that suits your academic purpose and personal need.

Daytona State College offers several types of scholarships including academic and athletic scholarships. In addition to Foundation scholarships, Florida's Bright Futures Scholarships are available as well.

Student Loans are a cost-effective way to help finance a college education by borowing funds at a low interest rate.  Students who display financial need may be eligible for the Federal Direct Subsidized Loan. The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan is available to students who do not qualify for the need-based Federal Direct Subsidized Loan.  The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan is available to parents (a credit check is required).

Federal Work-Study
Jobs on campus  that enable students to earn funds to help with educational expenses.

Grants are provided as "free money" to help defray educational costs. Grants are awarded by Daytona State College, the federal government and the State of Florida.

Last Updated: 8/27/13