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College of Arts and Sciences Mike Curb College of Music, Entertainment, and Art Trent Berning
  School of Behavioral and Social Sciences Alice Godbey
    Perry Ballard
    Sally Hansen
  School of Biological and Physical Sciences Bruce Maring
    Karen Endebrock
    Gajendra Tulsian
  School of Health and Wellness Trevor Burns
    Myra Vergani
  School of Humanities and Communication Rich Vollaro
    Seth Blazer
    Kathleen Lazarus
  School of Mathematics Erika Blanken
    Ethan Repyneck
    Jeffrey Zahnen
    Kimberly Alacan
  School of World Languages and Speech Emma Brombin
    Holly Hollins
  School of Student Life Skills Iris Threatt-Milton
    James Hyde
College of Business Administration Mori Hosseini College of Hospitality and Culinary Management Nicholas Bellino
    Taryn Aiello
  School of Applied Business Deanna Knight
    Diana-Joy Colarusso
    Jerold Braun
    Ravi Samitamana
  School of Management Grady Meeks
    Lee Kenyon
    Sarah Desormeaux
College of Education School of Education Betty Green
    John Connor
College of Health and Public Services School of Emergency Services Kevin Duffy
  School of Health Careers Bob Wagner
  School of Nursing Deborah Horvath
    Judy Valloze
College of Technology School of Computer Science Jeffrey Burton
Adult Education   Julie Wight
Library Services   Cheryl Kohen


Campus Representatives:

  • WC: Kim Alacan, Karen Endebrock
  • DTC: Rich Vollaro
  • NSB: Ethan Repyneck
  • FPC: Perry Ballard
  • ATC: Jeff Burton
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Daytona State College 1200 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, Florida 32114 (386) 506-3000

Daytona State College is an equal opportunity institution.

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