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College on Your Schedule

Flexible and affordable* course offerings that fit your schedule.** Search for a class using the Online Course Lookup:

The Steps:

  1. Are you Ready? (See also: Is an online course right for you?)
  2. Run a System Check
  3. Allow Cookies & Pop-Ups
  4. Install Plugins
  5. Read the User Expectations, Terms of Use, Student Handbook and Course and Fee Statement*
  6. Get your books
  7. Contact information: Department Directory and College Phone Book
  8. 5 days before class, Login and complete Succeeding Online
  9. 1st day of classes: You can access your class

*Online courses have an additional fee of $20.00 per credit hour.
**Some online courses have on-campus assessments. Read the comments carefully.

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Last Updated: 6/10/14