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FalconMail Accounts for Students, Faculty and Staff

All Daytona State College students will receive an official email address to which all college-based communications will be sent. The email system includes:

  • 50GB message storage capacity for each user
  • Access to calendar entries and contacts, as well as email from mobile devices
  • Full-service web interface for accessing email as well as compatibility with the industry-standard desktop email program Microsoft Outlook.
  • The ability to search email for details and save favorite searches for reuse. Share calendars with other Office 365 users and view multiple calendars side by side.
  • Built-in anti-spam message filtering.

How do I access my student email account?

What is my FalconMail (Office 365) Email address?

  • Under ordinary conditions your FalconMail email address is "". There are some instances where we have multiple students with the same, very popular names that may have a random number appended to their email addresses.

What happens if I forget my password?

Can I access FalconMail from my mobile phone?        

Is my data in FalconMail backed up?

  • Data stored on the FalconMail servers is NOT backed up. We recommend that you maintain a backup of your critical documents and emails manually.

Is there a possibility that my FalconMail mailbox will ever be deleted?

  • Yes, if you fail to login to FalconMail and you are not registered for courses for at least once every six months your account may be deleted automatically by Microsoft.

Will someone at Microsoft be reading my email?

What browsers are supported?


College Use of Email

Email is the official and primary internal communication method of Daytona State College. Employees and admitted students are assigned a Daytona State College email account. This account will serve to act as the primary mechanism for official communication with the College for employees and all registered students. Official College communications to employees and registered students will not be sent to personal email accounts (i.e., AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo). Communication of protected student record information will not be sent to personal email accounts at any time regardless of an individual's registration status.

The college has the right to send communications and to expect that communications are received and read in a timely manner. Official email communications are used solely to meet the academic and administrative needs of the campus community. Email is not the sole method for notification of legal action.

Student Email Accounts

Official Daytona State email accounts are assigned to all admitted students. The addresses currently follow this format: firstname_lastname(xxxx) Once students have registered for classes they are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis. The College recommends checking email at least once a day. It is the students' responsibility to recognize that certain email communications may be time sensitive.

Implementation of Policy

Policy will be included in the College Catalog.

Policy will be included in new Student Orientation.

Policy will be included in the Student Handbook.

Policy will be included in the Faculty Handbook.

Policy will be explained and distributed at New Employee Orientation.

Policy will be restated or students will be directed to the Student Handbook in each course syllabus.




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