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General Information

The Daytona State College Learning Commons is committed to staying abreast of current technology and achieving positive change and learning outcomes through the circulation of iPads. Eight iPads are available at the Daytona Beach Learning Commons, and five iPads are available at the DeLand Learning Commons. Any current DSC or UCF student, staff, or faculty with a photo ID may check out an iPad for a 4-hr loan period from the Library circulation desk.

Electronic Device User Agreement

To check out an iPad or any other electronic device, you must present a photo ID to the circulation desk and sign the Electronic Device User Agreement.

New to iPads?

Check out our How to Use an iPad guide to iPad basics and descriptions of the pre-loaded apps.

Goals for Student Users

  • To prepare students for the 21st century environment.
  • To increase collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication in our students, staff, and faculty.
  • To strengthen connections across areas of learning and beyond the school environment for improved lifelong learning abilities.


Available iPads (Gen 4) operate on the most current version of Apple’s iOS. The devices are wi-fi enabled to access the FalconSecure network.


Devices will be located at the library circulation desk at Daytona Beach and at DeLand and will be available for DSC or UCF students, staff, or faculty. To check out a device, patrons must present a student ID, which will be retained by the staff until the user returns the device. Loans are on a first-come-first-served basis, and unless otherwise approved by Learning Commons staff, the loan period is four hours. The loan may be renewed once per day, provided no one else is waiting to use an iPad. The Learning Commons may reserve the iPads for workshops, and faculty or staff wishing to use the iPads in a workshop should contact Cheryl Kohen ( or call 386-506-3928.

The iPads are not to leave the Karl Learning Resource Center and DSC Writing Center. Under no circumstance can an iPad be checked out for another person, and only the student who checked out the device should use it during the loan period.

Care and Use

  • Do not mark the device in any way with markers, stickers, etc. Each device is labeled with a distinct identification barcode. Do not remove this sticker.
  • Do not insert foreign objects (paperclips, pens, etc.) into the ports (openings) of the device.
  • Please be mindful if eating or drinking near the device. We prefer that drinks are covered and that you wash and dry your hands before using the device.
  • If the screen is not clean, please consult a Computing Commons staff member. Please do NOT use commercial liquid or spray cleaners on the screens.

Applications (Apps)

The iPad will be pre-loaded with software and apps that have been chosen for their productivity, exploration, and educational potential. Users are not allowed to uninstall or modify any application or the operating system in any way. Users may suggest software and apps for installation, but should provide justification in an email to Cheryl Kohen (

Saving Files

The borrower is responsible for deleting any personal information that may have been added to the device while in his/her possession before the device is returned. Each iPad will be restored to a default setting upon each check in, deleting all data from the previous user.

Printing is not available from the netbook or the iPad; you must save your document and open it on a computer that is connected to a printer.

Reporting Technical Issues

If a student experiences technical difficulties with the device or needs help operating the device, a Computing Commons staff member can offer assistance. Basic instructions for how to operate the iPad, access apps, and browse the internet are available, along with descriptions of the pre-loaded apps and their usability. A student experiencing any technical issues should report to a Computing Commons staff member right away.

Damage, Theft, & Fines

The working condition of the device will be assessed before checkout and upon its return. Users are required to report any problems experienced with the device during their borrowing period. If the device is not returned on time, a hold will be placed on the student’s account. If the device is not returned by the time the library closes, Campus Safety will be contacted and the device will be tracked. The hold placed on the student’s account will prevent the student from being able to register for classes or obtain transcripts or diplomas.

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