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Academic Year 2017-2018

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Academic Year 2016-2017

Writing Center Quick Facts

Writing Center Weekly Activity 2016-2017









We have provided several documents with our yearly reports and data in the many projects we take part in. Additionally, the documents provide student and faculty feedback, as well as highlighting our staff responsibilities and activity at all our Writing Center locations.

WAC/WID Quick Facts



Proposals Accepted for 2018 Conferences

Bales, Kristen and Jessica Lipsey. "'Embracing the everchanging alternate space of the writing center: An activity system analysis of WC work." SWCA. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. Feb 2018.

Lipsey Jessica. "'Connecting WAC, RAC, and the State College Community: Writing and Reading to Learn in the Online Environment." IWAC. Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. June 2018.


Writing Center Conference Activity 2016 - 2017

Bales, Kristen and Jessica Lipsey. "'Un'intentional Inclusivity: Reflecting on Underlying Practices of Inclusion and Diversity." Academic Excellence Symposium. Daytona State College. March 2017.

Bales, Kristen and Jessica Lipsey. "The Writing Center as Mentor." IWCA Collaborative at CCCC. Portland, Oregon. March 2017.

Barnes, Elizabeth. "Developmental Education: Promising Instructional Models." Council of Instructional Affairs. Daytona Beach. Florida, June 9, 2016.

Barnes, Elizabeth. "Revisions to Developmental Education in English: Learning from Outcomes Assessment." State Assessment Meeting. Valencia State College. June 17, 2016.

Barnes, Elizabeth and Dana Davidson. "The English Studio: Student Driven Support for ENC1101." Florida Developmental Education Association 37th Annual Conference. Orlando, Florida. October 20-21 2016.

Hess, Carly. "Rethinking Grit: Student Support at a Community College Writing Center." Conference on Community Writing. University of Colorado. Boulder, Colorado.

Henning, Laura. "Full of Beauty and Illusions: High Art, Low Art, and Depictions of the American Dream in Harmony Korine's Gummo (1997) and Julien Donkey-Boy (1997)" South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA). Atlanta, Georgia. November 2017.

Howe, Danielle. "Spying on Digital Visual Culture: The Writing Center and Social Media." IWCA Annual Conference. Chicago, Illinois. November 2017.

Owens, Leonard. "And the Survey Says: How are Collegiate Writing Centers Addressing the Growth of Online Instruction?" South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA). Atlanta, Georgia. November 2017.

Owens, Leonard and Eric-Alain Parker. "Creative Approaches to Academic Writing." Academic Excellence Symposium. Daytona State College. March 2016.

Parker, Eric-Alain. "Visual Composition and Concepts for Better Writing." IWCA Annual Conference. Denver, Colorado. October, 2016.

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