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Veterans and Others Applying for Veterans Administration Educational Assistance

Daytona State College is an approved institution for veterans training. Veterans eligible for Veterans Administration (VA) benefits must be certified through the College's Veterans' Services Office to receive educational benefits. Eligible veterans must also meet Daytona State admission requirements. Application for VA benefits should be started as soon as possible as approval of benefits can take as long as 90 days. Course approval and certification is required each semester through the Daytona State Veterans' Services office. Veterans eligible for benefits must also adhere to the following standards:

Program Length and Course Approval

All degree programs are approved for a specific number of credit hours. Eligible veterans will not be certified to the VA or paid by the VA for courses past the approved length. The VA will pay only for required courses in an approved program. This also applies to vocational certificate programs which are measured in either semester hours or vocational/clock hours. You will be required to pay out-of-pocket for courses not required by your program.

Satisfactory Progress - Standards of Progress

Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress and conduct to continue to receive VA educational benefits. Educational benefits will be suspended for unsatisfactory progress following any semester when an eligible person receives all grades of "I", "F", "FN", or a combination.

An eligible person is placed on academic warning if a semester's GPA falls below 2.0 Educational benefits are suspended for failure to achieve satisfactory progress IF an eligible person's GPA falls below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters.

If an eligible person is not making satisfactory progress, VA educational benefits are suspended until the student completes one semester at their own expense and attains a minimum of a 2.0 GPA for that semester. In extreme cases, benefits may be suspended until the cause of the lack of progress has been eliminated, and/or it has been determined that the educational program being pursued is suited to the person's aptitudes, interests, and abilities.

Academic Standards - Grade Notification

The VA regional office is notified immediately when an eligible person receives a grade, or grades, of "X", "S", or "W". Credit hours for benefit purposes will be adjusted accordingly. Unless extenuating circumstances exist, the eligible person will be in overpayment for benefits paid for the course or courses from the first day of the term to the day the grade was issued.

Attendance Standards

Vocational Certification and Adult Education Programs- VA regulations require attendance records be kept on all eligible persons enrolled in programs not leading to a standard college degree.

Eligible persons will have their VA benefits suspended if they accumulate three or more unexcused absences during any calendar month. Three tardy days count as one absence; two partial days count as one absence.

An eligible person whose benefits are suspended for excessive absences may be reinstated once during a semester upon written permission of the program chairperson or instructor. Additional instances are considered unsatisfactory progress.

Short-Term VA Benefits Programs - VA benefit certification will be terminated if a student is absent 10 percent or more of the total hours in a given enrollment period (or cumulative absences exceeding 10 percent of the total number of hours in a program).Students enrolled in short-term programs must also adhere to current Veteran Administration regulations and standards of progress. Students who fail to maintain satisfactory progress are not permitted to continue enrollment in their program and will not be eligible to receive benefits.

VA Contacts

If you are receiving veterans benefits, the Veterans Certifying officer is located in the Veterans Center (Daytona Campus, Building 130, Room 124).  The Veterans Certifying officer, Wanda Bailey, can be reached at 386-506-3545 and the Veteran Center Coordinator, John Darnell, can be reached at 386-506-3065.

For additional information or questions, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office at 1-888-442-4551 or e-mail

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