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Transient Students to Other Institutions

Outgoing Transient Students

Definition: Daytona State College students currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program who want to take courses at another regionally accredited institution, to apply the credits at DSC to fulfill remaining program graduation requirements. DSC is the home institution, while the other institution is the host institution.

Outgoing transient students must:

  1. Be currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program at DSC with graduation credit requirements remaining.
  2. Be in good academic, financial and judicial standing, with no absolute holds.
  3. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. (First-semester DSC students also must be co-enrolled in Daytona State College courses.)
  4. Be able to apply their transient course requests toward current degree or certificate requirements at DSC.
  5. Already have met all placement requirements and pre-requisites for the requested courses. If applicable, test scores for placement must not be expired.

For assistance in determining these guidelines, students are strongly encouraged to visit with an Academic Advisor at any Daytona State campus.

General transient information:

Students must remember that the college residency requirement is 25 percent of the degree requirements.

When applying for transiency, students may need to provide the Records Office with a course description for each transient course requested. This must accompany the Transient Form.

All tuition and fees owed to the host institution are to be paid directly to that institution. If applicable, potential reimbursement via financial aid would follow.

How to apply to be a transient student:

Online form

Students wishing to attend another Florida public college or university must complete the Transient Student Form request available online at the Florida Virtual Campus, At the home page of, click on Student Services, then on College Transfer Services in the drop-down list, then on Transient Student Admission Application in the next dropdown list that springs forth from College Transfer Services.

This will bring you to FLVC's transient guidelines page. Click on the orange Continue box. The transient form log-in page will pop up. Choose Daytona State College from the drop-down list. Type your Social Security Number – not your DSC College ID number – as your Student ID. Do not use any spaces or dashes between the numbers. Then type your MyDaytonaState PIN as your PIN.

Next, you will see the transient form itself. Complete and submit it. We will then receive it electronically. If you are authorized, we will apply Registrar signatures in two separate steps. If you answer Yes to wishing to have financial aid applied, you will have to await a DSC Financial Aid Officer signature after our Registrar signatures and before your host institution receives the form. If you answer No to financial aid, then the form will go directly to your host institution.

Paper form

Students wishing to attend a private or out-of-state institution must submit a paper Transient Form to the Records Office. The form is available at any Daytona State campus or online at

  1. If applicable, the student must have the approval of the associate of science/certificate program chairperson before the form can be processed.
  2. Students wishing to receive financial aid while taking courses at another college as a transient student must complete a consortium agreement indicating the course name, credits and cost signed by the other college and presented to the Daytona State Office of Financial Aid. Note: Effective in 2012-2013, Florida's public colleges and universities may have an overall consortium agreement administered by, so individual agreements may not be necessary.
  3. Students receiving veteran's benefits must obtain approval from the Veteran's Affairs Office.

Transferring courses back to Daytona State:

Failure to provide DSC with an official transcript from the host institution may affect a student's financial aid status, if applicable.

It is the student's responsibility to provide the Office of Admissions with an official transcript upon completion of approved coursework. Daytona State is not responsible for the acceptance of any credit other than the credits approved by Daytona State. Transient credit hours (except those with F or W grades) will be recorded on the Daytona State transcript and will be computed into the cumulative GPA.

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