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Quanta/Learning Communities

Daytona State's Learning Communities offer an alternative to traditional college classes. These courses are integrated with a common theme and emphasize collaborative teaching and learning.

The QUANTA Learning Community: An Integrated Freshman Experience

QUANTA is a nationally-recognized Learning Community where students and faculty work together to share their learning experiences.

As a QUANTA student, you'll work with three faculty members who collaborate in teaching critical thinking, cultural arts, social sciences and English courses. You will participate in groups with other students to share your ideas, thereby gaining different perspectives on the topic you are studying. You'll develop your critical thinking, reading and writing skills, group and leadership skills and will benefit from a flexible learning environment. Through this experience of community, you'll develop a greater sense of involvement with the other students and faculty.

Fast Track to an Honors College Degree

QUANTA is now available with the Honors advantage.  Students who are eligible to enroll in Honors College  and receive grades of A or B in QUANTA courses  will receive Honors College credits.   In addition, they will be able to complete their Honors College research project and thesis within the QUANTA program.  By choosing the Honors Advantage in QUANTA, students will take the fast-track to an Honors degree. Learn more about the Honors College.

QUANTA integrates traditional college courses with a common theme and offers students the challenge of seeing and exploring the relationships between subjects and ideas within those subjects. QUANTA courses satisfy general education requirements for all majors in AA degree programs. All students who qualify for ENC 1101 and need the AA classes are welcome to register for QUANTA.

The Florida Board of Community Colleges has recognized the QUANTA Learning Community as one of the outstanding academic programs in Florida in higher education.

Classes included in QUANTA for the 2014-2015 academic year




Critical Thinking (SLS2505)


Sections Q1, Q2, Q3

Introduction to Composition (ENC1101) 


Sections Q1, Q2, Q3

Contemporary American Literature (AML2060)


Sections Q1, Q2, Q3




Writing with Research (ENC1102)


Sections Q1, Q2, Q3

World Religions (REL2300)


Sections Q1, Q2, Q3

Comparative Government (CPO2001)


Sections Q1, Q2, Q3

For detailed program information contact Maggie Karda, Chair of Learning Communities at (386) 506-4219 or through e-mail at

Linked Classes

One of the advantages of college is learning how to see the world from different perspectives. Linked classes--separate courses joined by a theme--are an excellent way for you to do just that. In a linked class, you will work closely with other students and faculty to discover relationships between different subjects. Also, you will experience the excitement and challenge of active learning as you work together to solve problems and think critically.

What are the benefits of linked classes?

  • Students understand how subjects and issues are interrelated and can cross subject matter boundaries.
  • Learning Communities provide an academic community for students who attend commuter schools.
  • Students become active and responsible participants in their own education. High-level critical thinking is encouraged.
  • Students and faculty find intellectual interaction and connection with each other.
  • The exposure to diverse populations and the opportunities to explore and understand diverse perspectives are great.

For detailed program information call (386) 506-4219 and talk to Maggie Karda, Chair of Learning Communities or contact her by email at

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