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Academic Program Code Listing

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Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management Program

The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Supervision and Management prepares individuals who already have skills in specific technical areas for supervisory and management roles and positions. The BAS degree program is designed to provide a career ladder for students who have already completed an associate degree and who wish to continue their education at the bachelor's degree level.

 6000 Supervision and Management

Bachelor of Science in Education Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Education is an approved program leading to teacher certification in the State of Florida in the areas of Elementary Education, Exceptional Education, and Secondary Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth/Space Science Education.  The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to become effective educators.  The BS in Education programs require students to complete as Associate of Arts degree and specialized core courses.

  *6221 Elementary Education (9521)

  *6222 Exceptional Education (9522)

**6223 Secondary Math Education (9523)

**6224 Secondary Biology Education (9524)

**6225 Secondary Physics Education (9525)

**6226 Secondary Chemistry Education (9526)

**6227 Secondary Earth/Space Science Education (9527)


* Program Start Date – January 2009           ** Program Start Date – August 2009

Associate of Science Programs

Daytona State prepares students for careers which require specialized college-level training. Graduates are prepared for immediate entry into occupations.

Technical & Industrial

2013 Computer Engineering Technology
2067 Computer Information Technology
2047 Computer Programming and Analysis (Software Engineering Technology)
2004 Digital Media - Design Option
2203 Digital Media - Internet Design and Production Option
2201 Digital Television and Media Production
2003 Electronics Engineering Technology
2046 Graphics Technology - Design Option

2070 Interior Design Technology
2005 Internet Services Technology
2002 Networking Services Technology
2075 Photographic Technology
2204 Simulation and Robotics Technology

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2084 Accounting Technology
2059 Business Administration
2012 Hospitality Management
Paralegal Studies (Legal Assisting) Transfer Option

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Health Careers & Public Services

2039 Criminal Justice Technology Bridge
2239 Criminal Justice Technology Bridge for Federal Law Enforcement Officers
* 2036 Dental Hygiene (2136)
2044 Early Childhood Education Associate Degree
2056 Fire Science Technology
2007 Human Services (Addictions Studies/Generalists)
2026 Human Services (Generalists)

* 2071 Nursing (Associate Degree) (2171)

* 2071 Nursing (Associate Degree) (2171) Note: This guide applies to students enrolling after Jan. 1, 2009 only.
* 2071 Transition Into Professional Nursing (Accelerated Associate Degree) (2171)

* 2071 Transition Into Professional Nursing (Accelerated Associate Degree) (2171) Note: This guide applies to students enrolling after Aug. 1, 2009 only.

* 2037 Radiography (2137)

2205 Veterinary Technology (Distance Education Program)


*All AAS and AS degree and certificate programs that are marked with an asterisk (*) are limited access programs. A separate application must be filed with the respective department for these programs. (Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to these programs.)

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Associate of Applied Science Programs

Daytona State prepares students for careers which require specialized college level training. Graduates are prepared for immediate entry into business, health, human services, engineering technology, public services, technical, manufacturing, construction and visual arts.

Technical & Industrial

3501 Architectural and Building Technology
3502 Automotive Service Management Technology
3517 Digital Media - Design Option
3532 Digital Television and Media Production

3505 Drafting and Design Technology (CAD)
3508 Graphics Technology - Design Option
3514 Industrial Management Technology
3515 Interior Design Technology
3529 Manufacturing Technology
3523 Photographic Technology

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3500 Accounting Technology
3503 Business Administration
3504 Culinary Management
3510 Hospitality Management - Food and Beverage Specialization

3510 Hospitality Management - Lodging Management Specialization
3510 Hospitality Management - Event Planning Management Specialization
Paralegal Studies (Legal Assisting) Career Option
3522 Office Administration (Administrative Assistant Option)

3521 Office Administration (Medical Transcription Option)

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Health Careers & Public Services

*3506 Emergency Medical Services (3106)
3507 Fire Science Technology

*3509 Health Information Management (3109)
3512 Human Services (Addictions Specialization)
3513 Human Services (Generalist)
*3518 Occupational Therapy Assistant (3118)
*3524 Physical Therapist Assistant (3124)
*3525 Respiratory Care (3125)
3526 Sign Language Interpretation

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Occupational Certificates


College Credit Programs

0943 Accounting Applications/Computerized

0927 AutoCAD Foundations (Architectural)

0928 AutoCAD Foundations (Engineering)

0970 Broadcast Production
0916 Business Management

0921 Cable Installation
0922 Computer Engineering Technology Cisco (CCNA)

0938 Computer Programming

0901Computer Specialist

0972 Digital Video Fundamentals

0929 Drafting and Design Technology

0932 Graphic Design Production

0933 Graphic Design Technology - Interactive Media Support

0934 Graphic Technology Design Support

0902 Information Technology Administration

0903 Information Technology Analysis
0904 Information Technology Management

0905 Information Technology Support Specialist

0906 Information Technology Technician
0912 Medical Coder/Biller

0907 Microcomputer Repairer/Installer

0800 Multimedia Authoring

0801 Multimedia Production

0802 Multimedia Video Production

0803 Multimedia Web Production

0923 Network Communications (LAN)
0924 Network Communications (WAN)

0908 Network System Developer
0914 Office Management
0918 Office Management - Legal Option
0919 Office Management - Medical Option

0926 Office Support (Technical Certificate)
* 0957 Paramedic (1957)

0804 Video Editing and Post-Production

0805 Webcast Media

0806 Webcast Technology

0909 Web Development Specialist
0925 Wireless Communications

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Applied Technology Diploma Programs

* 0960 Emergency Medical Technician (1960)
0920 Medical Record Transcribing

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Vocational Credit Programs

**ATB 1011 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology

**ATB 1054 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Mechanic
**ATB 1097 Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing

**ATB 1049 Automotive Service Certificate
**ATB 1036 Automotive Machinist (Performance Engine Technology)
**ATB 1039 Building Construction Technology
*1050 Correctional Officer Recruit Training (1150)
*1031 Correctional Probation Officer Academy (1131)

**ATB 1084 Cosmetology

1034 Culinary Operations - Baking and Pastry Specialization
* 1048 Dental Assisting (1148)

1056 Fire Fighter II Certificate
1057 Fire Apparatus Operator

**1021 Help Desk Support Specialist

*1051 Law Enforcement Recruit Training (1151)

* 1024 Massage Therapy (1124)
*1023 Medical Assisting (1123)

** 1044 Nails Specialty
** 1027 Nurse Aide and Orderly
** 1076 Patient Care Assistant
* 1095 Practical Nursing

*1038 Public Safety Telecommunication (1138)
* 1092 Surgical Technology (1192)
**ATB 1033 Welding Technology (Applied)

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Apprenticeship Programs

1020 Child Care Specialist Apprentice
1071 Electrical Apprentice - Non-Union
1072 Electrical Apprentice - Union
1070 Plumbing Apprentice - Union

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ATB - Ability to Benefit programs are programs that do not require a standard high school diploma but do require that you achieve a minimum score to meet financial aid guidelines and minimum scores to meet program eligibility.

*All AAS and AS degree and certificate programs that are marked with an asterisk (*) are limited access programs. A separate application must be filed with the respective department for these programs. (Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to these programs.)

**No high school diploma required for these programs.

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Associate of Arts Program Concentration Codes

Below is a list of concentrations for students wishing to transfer to a four-year college. The degree granted from the College is an Associate of Arts Degree-General Education, thus concentration names do not appear on your Degree.


Daytona State offers the first two years leading toward numerous bachelor’s degree programs, including visual and performing arts, languages, education, liberal arts, math, psychology, business administration, public administration, social work, engineering, pre-professional programs (architecture, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law) and many others.  Although Daytona State ’s courses are designed to meet standard university requirements, students should know the requirements of the upper division institution they plan to attend. More details regarding specific courses required to complete the AA degree can be found in in the catalog section entitled Requirements for the Associate of Arts Degree.

0100     Undecided
7150     Liberal Arts
7200     Behavioral and Human Sciences -General
             7210     Psychology
             7211     Marriage and Family (Relational)
             7212     Experimental/Research
             7213     Clinical/Counseling
             7214     Developmental Psychology
             7215     Sociology  
7220     Education - Transfer, General
 7221     Elementary Education
             7222     Exceptional Education
             7223     Secondary Math
             7224     Secondary Biology
             7225     Secondary Physics
             7226     Secondary Chemistry
             7227     Secondary Earth/Space Science
7300     Economics and Business - General
                             General Business

7400     Communications – General
7405     Advertising/Public Relations
7410     English
7415     Foreign Languages
7420     Journalism
7425     Television / Radio Broadcasting  

7500     Historical, Political and Global - General
                7505     Geography
                7510     History
                7515     International Relations
                7520     Political Science
                7525     Pre-Law
7600     Humanities & Arts - General
7605     Performing Arts 
                7610     Art 
                              Fine Arts
                7615     Philosophy
                7620     Photography
                7625     Religion
7700     Mathematics and Technology - General
7705     Architecture (Pre-)
               7710     Computer Science
               7715     Digital Media
               7720     Engineering
               7730     Math/Statistics
7800     Public Service - General
7805     Criminal Justice
              7810     Legal Studies
              7815     Social Work
7900     Science - General
7905     Agriculture
              7910     Astronomy
              7915     Athletic Training/Sports Medicine
              7920     Biology
                            Marine Biology
             7925     Chemistry
             7930     Dietetics/Nutrition
             7935     Environmental Science and Public Policy
             7940     Forestry and Conservation
             7945     Forensic Science
             7950     Meteorology
             7955     Pre-Bachelors of Science Nursing (BSN)
             7960     Pharmacy (Pre-)
             7965     Pre-Medicine
             7970     Radiology (Pre-)

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