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The current job market is very competative.  You need to stand out when you apply for a job to get an interview.  We can help you build a professional resume and cover letter and help you tailor it to the jobs for which you're applying.  We have ways to handle common issues like gaps in employment and too few (or too many) years of experience.  We'll show you how to highlight your strengths.

Make Your Application Count

Most resumes only get a few seconds of attention.  You need your resume and cover letter to stand out and create excitement and interest and it takes more than a nice template!  Cookie-cutter templates don't account for your unique experiences, skills and objectives.  Let us help you.

Additional Resources

If you're comfortable creating your own resume and would like basic tips and ideas, these resources might be helpful.  After you complete your resume, consider allowing us or another professional review it with you.  Don't let a few basic mistakes get in the way of your next job!

Resume Preparation Guide

Last Updated: 6/27/13