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College Placement Test - Accuplacer(CPT)

What is the Accuplacer?
Since students come to Daytona State from a variety of educational backgrounds, we need to evaluate your individual skill levels to help you achieve your goals. The Accuplacer assists us in determining your abilities in reading, English and mathematics. By assessing your abilities in these areas, the Accuplacer assists counselors and advisers in placing you in English and math courses most appropriate for you at this time. Accuplacer is NOT a pass/fail test.

Accuplacer Preparation
You should not study for the Accuplacer. If you try to learn new skills before taking the test, you may be placed inaccurately in courses for which you are not prepared.
If it has been a long time since you have taken or have been exposed to mathematics, you may want to review some of the skills you have mastered but have not used for a period of time. You can find materials to help you in public libraries and local bookstores.
The links below will provide you with the types of information tested on the Accuplacer:

Accuplacer Test Information

Please note: Test scores cannot be given over the telephone nor via e-mail, nor to anyone other than the actual test taker without his/her written consent.

Assessment Services is responsible for monitoring test sessions.   DSC does not tolerate cheating nor disruptive behavior.  If an examinee is suspected of cheating, testing  will be stopped and  the examinee will be directed to leave the area. The test may be voided.   The incident will be reported to college officials and disciplinary action may be taken.

The Accuplacer is a nationally used placement test, you may take it any where in the United States and have the scores sent to Daytona State.

View The List of National Accuplacer Test Sites

Last Updated: 8/27/13