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Academic Support Center Guidelines

(adapted from the Daytona State College Computer Network and Internet Acceptable Use, June 2000)

  • The ASC is an environment conducive to learning and studying; therefore, students are required to silence cell phones, beepers, and other portable electronic devices. Cell phones must be used outside of the ASC, as a courtesy to others.
  • No tobacco products are allowed in the ASC.Use of the ASC’s computer resources is a privilege reserved for Daytona State College students; therefore, spouses or significant others who are not enrolled in Daytona State College courses are not allowed to use the ASC.
  • Children present potential safety risks and may disturb those who are studying or working; therefore, children are not allowed in the ASC.
  • All computer and internet access must be specifically related to students’ academic assignments, research or projects that are authorized or assigned by Daytona State College faculty or officials.
  • ASC computer and internet network use is monitored to ensure compliance with the college’s acceptable use polices and practices.
  • Personal or non-academic use of the ASC's computers is prohibited.
  • Using the ASC's computers to access or create materials deemed obscene by community standards (i.e., pornographic sites) is prohibited.
  • Students within the ASC are prohibited from creating or propagating viruses, disrupting services, or intentionally modifying, destroying or damaging equipment, software or data, or gaining unauthorized access to local or network resources.
  • Students within the ASC may not install or copy software, except as permitted by the copyright owner. 
  • Students within the ASC will behave in a responsible, legal, ethical, and considerate manner when interacting with staff or other students. The use of profanity violates Daytona State College's code of conduct and is, therefore, prohibited.
  • Students within the ASC must refrain from plagiarism and other violations of intellectual property rights.
  • Students who choose to violate these policies are subject to college discipline sanctions.
  • Please refer to the Daytona State College Student Handbook & Information for additional information related to Daytona State College students’ rights and responsibilities.
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