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General Center Questions

What can I do in the ASC?
You may approach tutors for questions and answers in almost any subject, study independently, conduct library research, study with a group, or work on the computer to complete academic related coursework such as class papers, lab assignments, projects, or online coursework.

When are tutors available?
Tutors or learning specialists are scheduled every day for various courses and are available on a question and answer basis. You can check theschedule online or in the centers to see when a tutor will be available for your subject area.

How do I know when faculty members are available?
Faculty members assist in the centers on a daily basis in different subject areas.  The schedule is available at each ASC and the ASC website.

Can I print in the ASC?
Yes, but you will need to set up an account on our Papercut system to pay for copying and printing.  You can set up the account on any of the computers in the center.  The cost of printing is ten cents a page.

Can I save my work on the ASC computers?
The ASC computers should not be used to save student work.  We highly recommend that you purchase a saving device, such as a USB flash drive, to save all of the work you complete in the ASC.

If I am not enrolled in classes, may I still use the ASC?
If you are currently registered with the college, you may use the ASC. If you are not enrolled, you will only be able to use the computer for registration and financial aid purposes.

I want to hold a study session. May I work with a group in the ASC?
When space is available, we encourage group work and group study in the ASC and have rooms at some ASC locations you may use when available for group study.

Are children allowed in the ASC?
Children present potential safety risks and may disturb those who are studying or working; therefore, children are not allowed in the ASC.

What can I check out from the ASC front desk?
With a student ID only, students can check out head phones, calculators, and a limited supply of reference books. These are for in-house use only. 

What is my login for signing in to the ASC?
Students must enter their student ID number and highlight the coursework they are working on. 

What is the desktop login for ASC computers?
The username is your full Falconmial address and your password is your FalconNet/Falcon Online password. 

At the Daytona campus, what is the difference between Daytona 500 and Daytona 210?
ASC 210, located in the center of the library, is the primary ASC for reading, English, modern languages, humanities, education, behavioral, business and social sciences while ASC 500 serves mostly math and science, students on the Daytona Campus.

Why is tutoring limited?
Due to the high volume of requests for assistance, ASC tutoring is handled on a question and answer basis. We can spend 10 to 15 minutes at one time on a question before we have to move on (though a student can ask multiple questions throughout the day). The faculty, learning specialists, and tutors are available on a daily basis during center hours to assist. Daily math learning sessions and group tutoring are available at some campuses. Check with the ASC or the ASC website.

Subject Area Questions--Math

When and where are math sample final reviews available in the ASC?

Sample reviews are available from your instructor approximately two weeks before the end of a semester.  They are reviewed in class the final week of your course.  There is a schedule for additional midterm and final review sessions available on our Math Reviews page.

What courses require a math lab?
MAT 0018, MAT 0028 and MAT 1033

Where is my math lab?
The MAT 0018 and 0028 labs are programs called Numerics, and are available only on the ASC computers. MAT 1033 labs are on Falcon Online, which can be accessed on ASC computers.

Is there specific help available in the ASC for any of the math courses?
There is a schedule for course specific review sessions available on our Math Reviews page.

Subject Area Questions--English

What is the difference between the Academic Support Center and College Writing Center?

The ASC…

The CWC…

Offers assistance with quick writing questions at any time and resources for independent study.

Offers 50 minute consultations that begin at the top of the hour.

Takes drop-ins only.

Offers appointments that can be pre-scheduled or, if there are consultants available, taken by walk-ins.

Helps with questions in all subject areas but usually refers students working on writing to the Writing Center.

Helps with all writing-related questions at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming about assignments to improving revising and editing skills.

Continues to offer support for students working on labs for their developmental classes.

Refers students working on labs for their developmental classes to the ASC.

Offers services on all campuses.

Offers services on all campuses but not necessarily every day of the week. See for the schedule.

Sees only students (and lots of them!).

Sees students, staff, and faculty from both DSC and UCF.

Allows faculty to conference with their own students.

Asks that faculty volunteers work only with other instructors’ students, not their own.

What if I have questions about how to do the MLA or APA format?
Handouts and links are available in the ASC to assist you with MLA and APA formats.  Students can also check out the Diana Hacker Pocket Style Manual with a student ID. English learning specialists and tutors are also available to help with any questions you may have about the formats. If you need in-depth assistance, you can make an appointment at the College Writing Center.

Can I do library research in the ASC?
Yes, you can research databases and find books and articles you may need to complete your research.

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