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Knowing The Rules and Regulations That Govern Your VA Benefits

It is your responsibility to be aware of all rules and regulations in the Daytona State Handbook and VA Pamphlet 22-90-2.

Access the Daytona State Veterans' Handbook Online

The Daytona State Veterans' Handbook may be downloaded from the link above or picked up in the VA Office on the Daytona Campus.

In every VA file is your Department of Veterans Affairs application for benefits that you complete upon your initial entry to Daytona State College and the VA Office. On this application, there is a box where you need to indicate yes or no to "Have you already received an information pamphlet explaining education benefits?" It also provides instructions regarding that question. Checking the box and signing your name, indicates you are responsible for reading and understanding the rules, regulations and polices related to veteran entitlements and benefits as outlined in the pamphlet. This pamphlet is sent by the Department of Veterans Affairs to all service personnel released from active duty.

Restrictions on training
Benefits will not be received for the following types of training:

Courses dropped during the semester or that don't count towards graduation, may result in an overpayment of benefits and may have to be repaid to the VA. An overpayment is an incorrect benefit payment that is more than the amount to which the student is entitled. Prompt notification to the VA of changes affecting benefits, can prevent or reduce overpayments. Please read all letters from the VA regarding monthly rates and effective dates of benefits.

Be sure to read the VA Pamphlet and Daytona State Veterans' Handbook in detail.

Last Updated: 2/20/13