Course Title: Nursing Process V

Course Description:
Concepts introduced in this course will emphasize nursing care to clients across the lifespan with recurring healthcare needs. This capstone course integrates concepts introduced in prior courses providing a holistic, summative learning experience focusing on multi-disciplinary care. New concepts introduced in this course are health maintenance, developmental, coping,s tress, grief and loss, behavior, managing care, and safety and security. Students will have a supervision and team leading experience. Emphasis will be placed on clinical competencies, management of care, clinical decision making, professional behaviors, and teaching and learning. Clinical experiences will be provided with clients across the lifespan in diverse care settings. This course will culminate with a practicum experience in diverse care settings. FA, SP

Pre-Reqs: NUR2731 AND NUR2731L
Conc-Reqs: NUR2940L

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