Course Title: Nursing Process I

Course Description:
Concepts introduced in this course will provide students with the knowledge, attitude and skills to promote health and prevent disease with clients who have normal physiological responses. The concepts emphasized will be health and wellness, safety and protection, age appropriate care, nursing process, cultural and spiritual and roles. Upon completion of the course students will be able to apply these concepts to client care within the framework of the nursing process. Clinical experiences will be provided with clients across the lifespan in wellness, community and long-term care settings. FA, SP

Co-Reqs: PSY1012 AND NUR1010 AND BSC1086L AND BSC1086
Pre-Reqs: ENC1101 AND BSC1085L AND BSC1085 AND MAC1105 AND MCB1010 AND MCB1010L
Conc-Reqs: NUR1020L

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