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School of Student Life Skills

Department Introduction

School of Student Life Skills

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Courses offered through this department are primarily designed to teach students skills for successful completion of postsecondary education and for functions outside of the institution, such as study skills, time management, and personal growth and understanding. Courses may also focus on particular aspects such as career, leadership and critical thinking.

According to a Florida Department of Education report, the Student Life Skills course (SLS1122):

"which was designed to teach students test-taking skills, study skills, time management, and financial management, is having a positive impact on all students who successfully complete it. Upon examining the content of the course, one might assume this course would be most beneficial for students requiring developmental education. However, through the analysis presented above it can be seen that the Student Life Skills course is beneficial to all students regardless of their preparation for college." (Taking Student Life Skills Course Increases Academic Success, 2006)

The Dynamics of Student Success course (SLS1122) is specifically required of those students who placed into college preparatory reading courses. However, it and all of the Student Life Skills courses are recommended for any undergraduate who wants to refresh prior skills or learn new ones to improve academic performance and better manage other life habits and behaviors.